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Ophthalmology and eye lasers

Our range of services comprises the entire spectrum of traditional ophthalmology and all treatment measures related to it. We emphasise dioptric correction with an eye laser and have been utilising this method as an ideal supplement to traditional ophthalmology since 1990. But ideal care and treatment of our patients is only possible through meaningful interaction of both areas.

Traditional ophthalmology

General ophthalmologic examinations, visual acuity testing, eyeglass selection, adjusting and dispensing contact lenses, measuring intraocular pressure, diurnal profiles, retinal examinations (and laser treatment), dioptric correction (also with a laser), field of vision testing, colour perception testing, night vision, alternative methods in ophthalmology, surgical procedures such as tear duct treatments and sty treatments, as well as preparing certificates, expert opinions, etc.

Dr. Stammbuck
Ophthalmology Practices

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